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Helena B:


Working with Shawn was a wonderful experience. He was able to take an ugly box and turn it into a standout on the street. The benchmark for this house was light, I asked for and got a ‘bright house’ with open spaces, large windows, and plenty of sky lights allowing light to travel and seep into all corners of our space. Shawn executed my vision of what feels like, on some days, outside - within the safety and luminality of a home. All throughout construction Shawn was available for consultations and worked well in collaboration with my contractor. When budget forced changes Shawn always found ways to find cost friendlier options, adapting the initial vision and plans. It was a pleasure working with Shawn and it is a pleasure living in the Bright House.

Gillian B:

In Shawn, we found an architect who understood our sensibilities and we are thrilled with the outcome. Our 115 year old house desperately needed a refresh. We loved the feel of the original building and had no interest in the what has sadly become popular – tearing down and dropping in a soulless box.We wanted something that preserved some of the integrity and spirit that our old house possessed but at the same time we wanted a contemporary feel and an extension that created unique spaces and light.   Shawn presented that option to us and we proceeded with virtually no change from the original drawing. We now have a place with modern sensibilities and unique design elements and that is alive with light – where indoor areas and outdoor patios flow seamlessly and where dogs, kids and adults can run amok. Shawn was also integral in designing and guiding us on many of the interior details and finishes. These projects are never inexpensive however, Shawn provided us with exceptional value – from the initial drawing to helping us through the variance approvals -  to working with the contractor on aligning approach on all the minutia that is critical in ensuring a successful build. Thank you Shawn!

Max G:


After having worked very closely with Shawn over a period of 5 years I think that I can attest to his many wonderful qualities as an architect and as a person.  Shawn is an honorable, hard working and creative person who as an integral part of the creative team that worked on our home, delivered all that was promised and more! The finished product, our home, is a masterpiece of design and after having lived in the house for over two years I can say that all the moving and stationary parts work perfectly!
Our home was a renovation and new build and marrying the two parts took incredible hard work and diligence. When you walk from the old part of the house to the new, there is a seamlessness that was very deliberate.

Shawn spearheaded the process and was a patient, thoughtful and dedicated partner who never imposed his ideas on our team, but convinced us many times that his ideas were what made sense and what turned out to be fantastic.


I have great pride in our home and I would give Shawn the highest accolades. He is the BEST!

Ava R:


Working with Shawn Freeman on an addition to our house was such a total pleasure that we did not hesitate to approach him again to design our cottage. His beautiful modern and warm aesthetic, meticulous attention to detail and easy-going manner made the entire design process, as well as the end results, perfect.

John H:


Shawn, you probably won't remember, but you designed a three-story addition to 43 Falcon Street, in the Mt. Pleasant - Eglinton area, in the mid 1990s. My wife and I bought the house in 2001 and we have often talked about how skilled the architect must have been. The space is perfectly designed for a contemporary family and supports a great many uses. We have friends and family members with larger houses, but we have often noted how our house is much more functional and pleasant than much larger and more expensive properties. Thanks for a job very well done!


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